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A Cappella Go

Our Story

"A Cappella Go Harmony Chorus: Harmonies Across Time and Joyful Performances!"

In 1989, local musician Jeff Carroll embarked on a musical endeavor by merging two singing groups, the "Harmoniques" and the "A Cappella Fellas" — a male barber shop singers' ensemble. Their inaugural show, "Putting on the Ritz," took place at Perth Modern School.

Over the course of two decades, the chorus found a home at Rosalie School in Shenton Park, becoming a beloved fixture in Subiaco's vibrant community.

Today, the chorus continues its journey, now rehearsing at the Reabold Tennis Club in Floreat. With a passion for entertainment, the group has become known for crafting and producing their own delightful musicals, always prioritizing the spirit of enjoyment.

An annual highlight for the chorus is their cherished tradition of presenting a diverse and captivating Christmas Show, spreading holiday cheer through their harmonious performances.

An Evening of Popular Songs & Christmas Carols

Christmas – and all that jazz

30th Anniversary


Give My Remains to Broadway

A Musical Mystery Tour

Stopalong Cowboy

Colours of My Life

The Three R’s

Top Score

Take Five

And So It Goes

Music for Pleasure Concert Series (Combined with 2nd Ave)

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Singular Sensation

Winds of the Sixties

Heart and Soul







Winds of the Sixties


Throughout the Years

Good Vibrations

Walking On Sunshine- Fantasy

A Musical Bouquet, A Celebration of Song

This Year!

Recent Years





Palace Hotel, Kalgoorlie, 2007
Christmas 1998


Celebrating 30 Years 2019_edited.jpg

August 2021

July 2022

December 2021

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At the 2022 AGM, Colleen Ingle, aka 'Mrs Bling', was appointed a Patron in recognition and appreciation of over 32 years involvement and earnest commitment to the choir. Pics courtesy Glenda Prideaux

November workshop at 'Lavendale', York 2022

Pics courtesy Judy Kozak & Doris Strahan

lavendale 2_edited.jpg
Lavendale group_edited.jpg

Early morning pic minus a few sleepyheads!

 Christmas Concert December 2022

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